Karen’s 11th Birthday Party

Karen turned 11 today. It is hard to believe, but it’s true. She had a little party at SLAB with all of her aunts and uncles and cousins there with her to celebrate.

IMG_9114.JPG IMG_9113.JPG

Karen was just a wonderful baby, and has grown to be such a perfect lovely little girl. An interesting thing about this birthday, she turned 11, a few weeks before 11 year olds start to go to young womens/mens the year that you turn 12. The new was announced a week before her birthday. They told her after her party.

IMG_9110.JPG IMG_9112.JPG

Another wonderful little lady.

IMG_9117.JPG IMG_9118.JPG IMG_9119.JPG

And this lovely boy. Ack, I know this is supposed to be a post about Karen. But man my kids are cute.


Happy Birthday to Karen!

Present Time!

IMG_9122.JPG IMG_9123.JPG
IMG_9124.JPG IMG_9125.JPG
IMG_9127.JPG IMG_9129.JPG

This kid. Such a great kid. She is smart, creative, kind. She tries hard to be good, and works so hard to learn new things. She is such a kind friend to my two little kids.


So blessed to have her in my life. Happy Birthday Karen.


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