Signers Company Christmas Concert

The day of the BIG show was here and the girls were really excited.




IMG_9158.JPG IMG_9159.JPG

The show began with a welcome from Miss Camille.


The big girls got us started again.

We Need a Little Christmas. Again, I couldn’t get a clear show of MIRAH!

Next the box dance.


When Christmas Comes Around.

Mirah’s SOLO!!!

IMG_9165.JPG IMG_9166.JPG

Hats on!

IMG_9168.JPG IMG_9171.JPG

In the sn o o o o o o ow.


IMG_9174.JPG IMG_9175.JPG IMG_9173.JPG




The Big Year Olds show


IMG_9179.JPG IMG_9180.JPG

In an effort to get a better shot of Mirah I went to the other side of the stage. I remember being in singing groups like this when I was little, just thinking those older girls were SO grown up and cool and big and I just wanted to be like them.

IMG_9181.JPG IMG_9182.JPG
IMG_9183.JPG IMG_9184.JPG


Mirah doing the Gaxhi squat. She hates sitting on her knees.

IMG_9185.JPG IMG_9186.JPG

Santa Clause is coming to town!


SO SO SO proud of our girl! She did amazingly, and she is just such a joy!

IMG_9194.JPG IMG_9193.JPG
IMG_9196.JPG IMG_9195.JPG


IMG_9197.JPG IMG_9198.JPG

Home again home again!

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