2018 Christmas Sing

It was Mirah’s School’s annual Christmas Sing! And we were so excited to be there and have a seat!

Kindergraden was up first, and there were four kids from our ward there!


Ty, Owen, Armour, and Quora!

IMG_9205.JPG IMG_9203.JPG
IMG_9204.JPG IMG_9202.JPG

Mirah and the first grade were up next.

IMG_9207.JPG IMG_9206.JPG



My sweet girl. She chose this hat and outfit.

IMG_9210.JPG IMG_9211.JPG
IMG_9212.JPG IMG_9213.JPG

Karl went to the afternoon sing, he had a meeting for the morning one.

Apparently the outstanding memory from his performance, was there was a bratty little girl ripping Mirah’s hat off a million times throughout the whole time.

Another Christmas tradition down.

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