Present with Grandma and Grandpa

The car was packed, the gifts from Grandma and Grandpa were wrapped, and it was time to start our drive to Mexico. There was however one last little thing, gifts to give Grandma and Grandpa!

IMG_9414.JPG IMG_9415.JPG

We got Grandpa Hite a Bug a Salt for Christmas. It is a salt shooter to kill flies. I want one.

IMG_9416.JPG IMG_9417.JPG

We got grandma a calendar and something else…I can’t remember. Malia got her some PJ’s and socks. With Lambs of course.

IMG_9418.JPG IMG_9419.JPG IMG_9420.JPG

One final shot before we said our good byes!

IMG_9421.JPG IMG_9422.JPG

It really was the nicest couple of days with them.

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