Leaving for Mexico

We were off by noon. The whole trip down was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. Lucas was still feverish, but at least he wasn’t puking.


Mirah…then 30 minutes later.

IMG_9426.JPG IMG_9427.JPG

I sat in back with the kiddos this time.

IMG_9428.JPG IMG_9429.JPG

The boarder crossing was fast and easy.


We drove for hours. But hey, it was worth the view.

IMG_9431.JPG IMG_9432.JPG

We were up on the third floor of a condo. It was a three bedroom place, with a gated parking lot and an on duty guard named Fernando.

IMG_9433.JPG IMG_9434.JPG


We went to Sam’s Club. Got loaded up for the trip. We were all tired, so we just grabbed some cheap dinner at the cafe.



IMG_9436.JPG IMG_9437.JPG

Looked just like in the states.

IMG_9439.JPG IMG_9440.JPG


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