Christmas Morning 2018

The kids were, of course, up before the sunrise. And SANTA had come! He found us all the way out here!

IMG_9586.JPG IMG_9587.JPG

Mirah carefully checking all of the packages.

IMG_9588.JPG IMG_9588.JPG

First things first, we checked out all of our stockings.

IMG_9589.JPG IMG_9591.JPG
IMG_9592.JPG IMG_9593.JPG
IMG_9594.JPG IMG_9596.JPG

Santa brought everyone PJ masks costumes!

IMG_9595.JPG IMG_9597.JPG
IMG_9598.JPG IMG_9599.JPG

Then the kids opened thier one gift each from mom and dad. Lucas got a Batman fortress! Mirah got a My Little Pony Palace.

IMG_9602.JPG IMG_9603.JPG IMG_9604.JPG


Next she opened her gift from Grandma and Grandpa Hite.

Her very own Ukulele!

She will be starting lessons in January.

IMG_9608.JPG IMG_9610.JPG

Next, the biggest present of Christmas!

IMG_9611.JPG IMG_9611.JPG

Can you guess??

Yep! We’re going to Disneyland!!

IMG_9613.JPG IMG_9613.JPG


IMG_9615.JPG IMG_9617.JPG
IMG_9618.JPG IMG_9619.JPG
IMG_9620.JPG IMG_9620.JPG

Aunt Maila, and her new earnings from us.


And the full on aftermath of gift wrapping from Grandma Hite.

IMG_9622.JPG IMG_9624.JPG IMG_9625.JPG

Grandma Hite had given all of us yummy packets of Hot coco. We drank it on the balcony.

IMG_9626.JPG IMG_9627.JPG

Karl made pancakes.

IMG_9629.JPG IMG_9630.JPG
IMG_9631.JPG IMG_9637.JPG

And the morning slowly went by. The kids playing their new board games.

IMG_9633.JPG IMG_9640.JPG

And Karl building his stuff he got.

We wanted to go see Mary Poppins for Christmas. So we headed to the theater.


It was in a hollowed out mall that never got finished. AND the escalator wasn’t working.

IMG_9641.JPG IMG_9643.JPG IMG_9644.JPG

And all the movies were in Spanish. SO we left.


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