Christmas Eve 2018-Mexico Nights

Just because we are a thousand miles from home doesn’t mean we can’t do a Hite Christmas Eve. We did the best we could with what we had. Mexicans are just not as into deli meats as Americans. 🙂

IMG_9563.JPG IMG_9564.JPG
IMG_9565.JPG IMG_9566.JPG

After dinner, Christmas Jammys were on!


IMG_1008.JPG IMG_1010.JPG
IMG_9567.JPG  IMG_9567.JPG

Malia read us the Christmas Story from Luke.

IMG_9569.JPG IMG_9569.JPG

And while she did the kids placed the pieces of the nativity.

IMG_9570.JPG IMG_9571.JPG IMG_9572.JPG

After that, we read the Hite family Christmas traditional story, “Why Giving is Nice.”

IMG_9573.JPG IMG_9574.JPG IMG_9575.JPG

Then we exchanged sibling gifts, which were Landy’s gifts to the kids. Amazing board games!

IMG_9576.JPG IMG_9577.JPG IMG_9578.JPG

Lucas was so excited about his cars board game, he couldn’t hold still for his picture.

IMG_9579.JPG IMG_9580.JPG

We opened Mirah’s gift to us.

IMG_9581.JPG IMG_9582.JPG

We watched Elf…

IMG_9583.JPG IMG_9583.JPG

And the kids fell asleep.

IMG_9584.JPG IMG_9584.JPG

We went to bed too.

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