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Up bright and early, I was confused on the time situation for us. I thought for some reason we were an hour behind Utah…STUPIDLY, and so I got up at 7, thinking it was 8 our time. Yeah, it was 6 AM our time. Mirah and I are like Anna of Frozen, they Sky’s awake so we’re awake. 
We woke up slowly, and got out of the hotel. By the time we got downtown, found parking, and found the boat we BARLEY made our 10 AM appointment. 
You can see the stress on our faces. 
Once we got going however, things settled down, we relaxed, and found breakfast below deck!
I just like the way this looked, It was also good to know in case of an emergency. 
First fun fact I learn, Chicago has it’s own flag:
This was our captain. Not our tour guide.
 I actually didn’t take a picture of our tour guide on purpose, he was just a little too pretentious for me. He was a mix of Robert California and Lewis Black.

Yes, then give him a microphone and some really good facts about the city, some really weird puns, and a sense that he thinks he is better than everyone on this boat, and you got him. This was much more fun than a picture ever could be.

So here are some of the highlights:
The trump Tower. 

Marina City

The Tribune Tower.
(Wiglely is on the left. Park Tower in the back)
This one, I thought was cool, since it had a big hole in the side.
Mirah like it on the boat. 
Until she didn’t.

Ooh, one cool thing was that we got to see a bunch of sail boats make their way through the city. The bridges had to lift for them.

The use a huge counter weight to lift the bridge. 

The of course the Sear, or now for the past 5 year, the Willis tower.
Can you see on the left side towards the top? Those are the sky decks. We would visit there the next day!

One cool thing, was that as you wend under the bridges you could look up and watch the cars drive right over you head. The roads on the bridges were not paved. They were iron, probably. This was our view:

Mirah and me snuggling under one such bridge. 
The Opera house. Interesting story about this building. So the big center block is the Opera house, and the towers all around it are office buildings. They use the office buildings to pay for the Opera house. Or at least they did. I don’t think it works quite that way now. 

Not all the buildings on the river are huge sky scrapers:
It was at this point in our 75 minute tour that Mirah started to complain of being tired. So we gave her a pacifier, and she just wanted to play. 

Interesting thing we noticed first on this day, but many times afterwards, we would see groups of daycare kids in bright vests at parks. It was like a thing I guess.  
What a cool way to start our day!
Mirah did eventually pass out, right as we were about to get off the boat.

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