Navy Pier

So one place we were told we had to go was the Navy Pier. When you walk in, it is mosly just a Chicago themed shopping mall. My first stop was here. This became my 2014 mother’s day gift:
Yes, a necklace with Mirah’s name:
We placed our order, and chatted with the woman at the kisok as we watcher her work her magic. She had been making these for 13 years, and was a total pro. The metal she was bending was a combo of brass and gold, I think. She said we should use jewlery cleaner on it, and when I asked if it would turn my skin green she only laughed and said, “NO!”
The metal she used.
Me trying it on!
I don’t know if you can tell from my face, but I am genuinely super excited. 
Oh my gosh I super love it.
Next stop, to get some famous Mackinac Island FUDGE! 
Love you Caitlin.
We headed out to the Peir itself, which gave a new view of the city. 
And of course a new view of the seriously vast Lake Michigan. Karl kept saying, “It is a GREAT lake.”
We sat down and ate our fudge. Mirah was sleeping in her stroller. 

Then these guys arrived and started screaming for food. 
This of course woke up Mirah. We didn’t realize she was awake until she started asking? “Birdies Mama?”

It was a nice warmish afternoon. Mirah was excited to have room to run around. She chased after the birds which she thought was HILARIOUS. 
Trying out some fudge, and loving it.
She quickly figured out there were more birds near the water, and she was hooked. 
She kept saying, “oooh, birdies, tweet, tweet.”

We left the pier up the other side giving a different view. 
We stopped to take a ride on the ferris wheel.
( I found this image online, I never got a very good shot of the whole thing.)
There was no line, so we got right on. 

Mirah loved it.
Karl expalined to her how it all worked. 

Views of the Pier. 
Suddenly Mirah became very urgently concerned about taking off her jacket. 

Then need to put it back on…
So pretty. 
Saying bye to the Ferris Wheel. 

Next the Aboratorium at the pier.
We decided to walk to Lunch. Which was super fun becasue it meant we got to walk all around lake shore as well as on the River Walk. 
Also, just in case a yacht just can’t take you where you want to go, you can take your helocopter with you… #toomuchmoney.
It was lovely!
Everyone said that Giordano’s is the best place for an authentic Chicago stuffed pizza. 

After an amazing appetizer of fried mushrooms and ravioli, lunch arrived. 
All the white, yeah, that’s cheese. 
oooh, this was one my favorite meal we had while in the city.

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