Arriving in Chicago!

The day had finally come, our trip to Chicago!
I had been LIVING for this trip for months.

We left the house around 6, got to Maryn in SLC by 7, got through security by 8, and were on the plane by 8:15. The flight took off at 8:44. BOOM. Mirah slept a large portion of the flight.

As we were descending she woke up.  She was mesmerized my the view.


FYI, it only take 2 1/2 hours to get from SLC to Chicago, and the tickets for the three of us (Mirah was still free) were less than $300 round trip. SO, it is a quick trip if yo are up for it.

We got there, got our rental car, and got all check into our hotel all before 3.

Then on to the road. We booked a hotel 15 miles outside of the city. I checked it out before we booked and it said that it would take 20 minutes to get into the city. LIES. It took us 45-to and hour AT LEAST every time we went into the city. I say this right off the bat because this little piece of our trip made the whole week a little more stressful.

Another thing that stress us out:

These signs were up everywhere on the freeway. The highest I saw, which was on Friday evening, was 254, yikes. So, this made me especially a little tense. Each day when we would set out, I would be in good spirits, but by the time we got to the city, Mirah was annoyed, I was stress, and Karl was lost because the road was crazy full of construction so our GPS was always wrong about our exit.

Still…it was a pretty cool view as we got closer to the city.

The architecture of Chicago was so sprawling and so high.

On the street level, it was super variable. Modern…
What feels like ancient. 
There were beaches, and boardwalks. 
Then there was the pier.
All of this on the way to the Cubs game. 

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