Mirah, Maryn, Tia, Zeke, and Mckenzie

So my lovely sister came to visit today. 
She came, mostly, because we had a playdate set up with the lovely Fraizer family!
We arrived at their place after Mirah’s nap. 
McKenzie was not super sure about us at first. 
 Mirah just wanted to eat her quesadilla.
Tia told Kenz who we were. She still wasn’t sure.
 “Say hi.”
She leaned in to say “hi” in her own way.
 With a little kiss. 
We missed it and asked her to give Maryn another kiss. 
She wasn’t super into that. It just stressed her out.
Zeke on the other hand was excited to see us and play!
Here he is with his “buzz hat” and his “butterfly catcher.”
Tia and Mckenzie.
She was still not happy with us.
The kids ran around all over the yard together. 
 They had a cute little car that Mirah loved. 

 Zeke climbing 

Here I said, “hi Zeke.”
He turned as I snapped this pic and said, “hi.”

At this point I think she hurt her hand.  She was very concerned. 

Meanwhile, Mckenzie was warming up. 

Zeke and Mirah have the same bike.

At this point Mirah wanted to get in and ride the car. But it wasn’t her turn. 
Kenz won out in the end. 
Tried to pose a pic with the kids on the porch. It was mostly a fail.
My favorite one.  
Maryn and Tia
At one point Zeke just wanted to give Mirah a kiss. 
In the end. She just wanted to drive the car.

Little McKenzie.

Finding “toys” in the yard. 

We ended up going inside after a while. 
McKenzie went down for a cutie nap, and we sat and visited. 
Good times. Tia and Kev moved to Texas in a couple of weeks, I will miss seeing these wonderful faces. It has been so wonderful to have them in town. 

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