The Package

So on April 12th, my mom sent a package to our family. It didn’t come days later, so my mom tacked it. This was it’s journey as reported by my mom: 
April 12 10:49  Accepted at El Centro, CA
April 12  San Diego, CA
April 13  SLC, UT
April 15 Moreno Valley, CA
April 16  San Bernardino, CA
April 18  Springfield, MA
April 19  Jersey City, NJ
April 21  Kearny, NJ
April 23  1:17 am  SLC, UT
April 23  6:25  am  arrival at Post office Orem, UT
April 23, 7:26 am out for delivery Orem, UT
April 23, 12:03 pm  Delivered  Orem, Ut
April 23,  7:15 pm  Taken from mailbox Orem, UT
April 23, 7:16  Opened by recipient!!!!!!!
Me again.
So at 7:30 the party of the package was well underway.

Amoung many cute things, my mom sent us this super cute shirt. Mom went to the San Diego zoo a couple of weeks ago with her class and picked it up for Mirah. She LOVED it.

Yes, she is kissing the panda bear.

A new box of egg chalk.
Mirah tried to eat it.
A super cool new book with animal eyes and flaps, we read it three times in the first 15 minutes. 
Then she just wanted to wear her new shades. 

I am going to die from the cute.
Thanks mom. Everything that you sent will go to good use.
Love you. I am glad our box had such a fun adventure getting to us, it made getting it even more sweet.

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