Hite’s Fell

What a weekend. Friday night while camping with the young men, Karl fell on his face, and split his chin open…
Krysta came over and SAVED me. She super glued him back together. 

Then on Sunday while at nursery…
Wait for it…
While running around she ran into a the accordion door in the room. 
She loved to get the Hello Kitty bandaid on her head. 
Then to get a whole page of stickers onto her dress…it was a good day for Mirah.

She eventually took off all the stickers and relaxed with me while we watched Frozen.
After a family nap, we went over to Nitsy’s for dinner.
Chelsea Hicken Moore was in town. She and her cute boys joined us. 
Mirah was in great spirits. 

Tacos for dinner!
The gang had a blast!

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