Easter Basket Hunt!

Happy Easter!
What a wonderful time of year to reflect on the Life, Atonement, and Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Like all the other Christian holidays there are loads of distractions from their root and purposes.

And although I am well aware that Easter Eggs, little chicks, and bunnies are all remnants of pagan spring festivals, they make the day festive and fun. Not to mention they bring with them an excuse to take a break from my diet, and eat some candy.

So, bright and early this morning we were up and ready to go!
All dressed in our Easter best.
The Easter bunny had left a foot print with a clue, he was leading us to our Easter baskets. 

I think Mirah was confused at first. 
But, with a little encouragement from her dad, she was ready to go!
Our first clue led us to the park.

Got it!
Mirah was getting into the sprit!
Another one in the back of Marc’s work truck.
The one over this way.
Spring has sprung, and flowers blooming on the crab apple trees. 

Last clue behind the reason we are celebrating today.

Mirah and Karl with her basket. 
Already being consumed. 
My Basket.
And Karls. 
German pancakes for breakfast, then off to church.
Fun Easter morning. 

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