Saturday with the Whitmores

UP bright and early today. We wanted to see our beloved Whitmore family.
We all went out to breakfast this morning. 
To Guru’s, my favorite.
The girls were having a ball together. 
I tried something new:
The Cowboy Benny.

Karl’s cheesy omelet. 
After breakfast, Zac was off to work at the collective, and we went over to their place for an impromptu Egg Hunt. Seriously, we went hunting in their chicken coup for eggs. Those little ladies laid EVERYWHERE. 
We even found a secret stash behind their coup. 
Mirah concurring the eggs. 

Quiet pleased with herself.
Our spoils! 

Mirah just wanted to hold on to her egg.
We hung out in the back yard for a while, we found this beauty.
Enough messing around! It was time to dye some eggs!
Karl took it very seriously. 

We had a couple dozen eggs in the end. No picture today. 
After getting everything done and cleaned up, we headed over to the collective to see what Zac and Graham were up to. 
Baby bikes, getting ready to do a run down the hill from Rock Canyon park to Kiwanis park. 
Zac’s bike had spokes, so Karen hopped on for a ride. 
Even better was the ride she gave to her dad!
After that we went our separate ways. Lots to do on a Saturday; laundry, dishes, hook up swamp coolers at the complex, you know, the usual. 

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