Good Friday for Easter Eggs

Good Friday, for some Easter fun!
Karl’s work had TGIF today and the whole family was invited. 
Mirah and I came for the first time in over a year. 
The catering was done by…?
But it was pretty delicious. 
Mirah’s plate…

We sat with a new Qualtircs family. They were actually from Chicago, so we talked about our upcoming trip and places we should go. 
After lunch, there was an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos. 
Under the ping pong table. There were guys actually playing while we were hunting. 
Enjoying our spoils. 

Walking back to the car together. The day was cool, humid, and sunny.
Spring time in Utah Valley!
We went home, and put Mirah down for her nap. I got some work done, and as Mirah was waking up from her nap, we heard a man’s voice speaking loudly over a speaker coming from outside. We went outside and there was a huge crowd. We live across the street from the Catholic church in Orem. Besides the bells that ring out the hour every day, the occasional loud and crazy late night party, and an over flowing parking lot on Sundays, we really don’t see much going on at the church. So this was kind of cool. 
As I got closer, I realized what I was seeing:
The man who was speaking, was in a car at the front of the group. The speaker hat faces the crowd, seemed to be commentating the road to the cross for the savior. It was in Spanish, so I can’t be sure. 
An hour later, we were sitting down for dinner at Betsy’s house. 
Dinner consisted of hotdogs off the grill, salad, roasted potatoes, pickles and soda. 
We also had hot cross buns. Purchased at the Provo Bakery. 
Krysta and Karen were there. Megan and Jack too!
Once dinner was over, I snuck out to “hide” the eggs. 
The kids lined up at the door. 
I walked outside, they counted to ten…
Watch Mirah. 
She was the first one out the door. 
Other kids coming too. 

Karen jumping around her. 
Mirah still taking her time on the steps. 

She got the swing of it. 

The last couple of eggs. Hidden pretty well if you ask me. 

No more eggs.
Spoils of the hunt.

Mirah basically started eating candy from the moment that she realized the eggs had candy in them.

Back inside…
So many eggs, so little time. 
Good times were had by all. 

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