Family Weenie Roast

Mirah has been doing this a lot lately:
Sencing the time of day, asking for her dad every 2 minutes, and waiting by the gate for him to come home. 
Today the anticipation of her wait was compounded by the fact that I had promised that when her dad got home, we were going to go to the Park and have dinner. 
We were going to have a weenie roast up Provo Canyon. 
We had the car packed and ready when he got home. 
We were off!
Here is our site. Right on the river, with a big fire ring. 
The lovely Provo River hurried by quietly. 
It took a while for the fire to get started, which I anticipated. I brought Mirah a little pre-dinner. A Peanut butter sandwich with a greek yogurt tube. 
Here she is waiting paiently in her chair as Dad worked on the fire. 
I got the chicken and turkey hot dogs ready to cook. 
We had a marshmallow skewer, so I put a hot dog on the end of it for Mirah, which she immediately drug in the dirt. 
Let me try this…(it is here that I put down the camera and grabbed it)
We let the fire heat up, so we went down to look at the water. 

While taking the above pictures, the fire had all but gone out!
Karl got back to work. 
Mirah and I passed the time singing campfire songs and taking selfies. 

At last the fire was hot enough to get something cooking. 
Mirah drank her juice and sang the “Green Grass Grows All around with me. 
Almost there…
I pulled out the greek salad, sodas and plates.
We ate dinner, and played in the grass. Karl did such a good job making the fire, but in the end it sat alone most of the time. 
The table was a MESS when we got there. We cleaned up a bit, but it was still pretty bad. Top tip, bring a table cloth when you go to eat at this park. 
Again, it took a while for the fire to go our, so we sat together next to the fire, sang more songs, and snuggled. Mirah didn’t love the heat of the fire. We had to sit pretty far back to make her comfortable. 
We came home smelling of campfire and totally dirty. Bath time, more songs and bed. Smells like campfire in our house tonight…time for a shower of my own. 

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