Museum of Natural Curiosities

So Karl got tickets to Pre Opening of the The Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point.
We met up with Krysta at the train station and the fun began!
“I just want to climb!”
The place was actually super cool. It was like a McDonalds play area on STEROIDS. 
Gorilla hand print. Tiny baby hand.
She wanted to see her foot too. 
Cool music booth. 
Stringless harp.
Virtual dance instructor room. 
Planting and pulling fake carrots. 
Dinner at JCW’s for delicious salad. 
The biggest bummer of the night. Despite Mirah being in a really great mood most of the day, on the way home, she barfed up the entire contents of her mostly empty stomach on the way home. 
Cleaning out the car was a bummer. The Museum was good times. 

One thought on “Museum of Natural Curiosities

  1. i'm so sad she was sick! but we had a fantastic time! Thanks so much for the invite! We really really had such a fun time! i can't wait to do it again!

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