Baby Pictures of Karl

I love to look at albums when I am visiting Karl’s parents. Here are a bunch of cute ones.




Oh my goodness. Jim is SUCH a baby in this picture. This is him holding Karl, his 5TH child. FIFTH child. He was in his late 20s. He had lost his son a year earlier. It just-BLOWS my mind.


These eyes. They look like Lucas and Mirah.

IMG_9291.JPG IMG_9292.JPG IMG_9293.JPG

Overalls. Dimples.

IMG_9290.JPG IMG_9294.JPG

Karl in Kindergarten, First, and third grade I think.

IMG_9303.JPG IMG_9302.JPG IMG_9304.JPG


Karl as a toddler with his dad and then his mom.

IMG_9295.JPG IMG_9296.JPG

I think Lynnelle said that his event was like hands across America or something.

IMG_9297.JPG IMG_9298.JPG

More adorable pictures of this cute kid.





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