Leave for Christmas-First Stop, Yuma!

We arrived in Yuma by dinner time. We went to a BBQ place in Yuma.

It was like we always saw each other, the kids were happy to be with Grandma and Grandpa.

IMG_9270.JPG IMG_9271.JPG

Lucas was still not feeling well, and was struggling humanizing.

IMG_9272.JPG IMG_9273.JPG

We may have over ordered.



IMG_9275.JPG IMG_9276.JPG IMG_9277.JPG


All smiles, once he was fed.

IMG_9278.JPG IMG_9279.JPG
IMG_9280.JPG IMG_9281.JPG
IMG_9282.JPG IMG_9283.JPG

Onion ring halo.

IMG_9284.JPG IMG_9285.JPG


Flash to the next morning…oh Lucas.


We went to breakfast at Brownies-a local place.


There was a little wait for our larger than normal group, the kids found things to occupy them.

IMG_9317.JPG IMG_9318.JPG

Soon enough we were seated in a row of tables in the back, where a set of Sheriff’s deputies were sitting together having breakfast in uniform. The kids again, found ways to pass the time. They each got hot coco. Eggs, toast, and pancakes¬† I seem to remember.

IMG_9311.JPG IMG_9312.JPG IMG_9310.JPG

Still, waiting was hard. Eventually, breakfast was over, and we were off to the park for a couple of hours.



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