Ride of Silence

Monday night as I was getting in bed got on Facebook and it would seem my news feed was filled with this image. 

Our friend Andrew had gone missing.
Then, almost as soon as I read it, I found links confirming that poor Andrew had been found. One of several articles that I found this article:
This picture of Zac was connected with the article, and when I read that he was found by his friends, I ran over to see my friends. 

Many people from our old Provo bike committee days were there. Many of them had been out looking on Monday. It was like a therapeutic group that lasted for hours. So so so many tears. I made it back home around 1 AM.

The Provo Bicycle collective organized a ride for tonight. We were planning on going, but this afternoon after Mirah’s nap, she has been acting sick. We took her temperature at 5:30, and it was 101.2.

So, I stayed behind and Karl went with out me. These pictures are from him, so he will tell the story of the night.

The group met outside of the Provo City court house. 

It was really well attended.

Spoke cards passed to the group.

Zac addressed the group.

 Then Andrews mom thanked everyone for coming out.

 Zac led the ride. With Graham close behind.

 We watched one video and counted over a hundred people.

 The group made several stops. The last one was at the Provo Maceys to buy out their stock of star crunch, Andrews famously favorite treat.

The ride made it into the paper, and there is even a picture of Karl:

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