Dad Had a Great Fall

I am posting this for two reasons.
1. Because my mother whose story this is to tell won’t record it and I feel like it deserves to go down in the annals of our family. 
2. For anyone who went onto Instagram and saw this picture that my mom put up with absolutely NO explanation. Here is the story.
To begin, 
I LOVE my dad. I love, love love my dad.
 He has been a wonderful father, priesthood leader, example, supporter, and great source of wisdom to me. I LOVE my dad. But, he would be the first person to tell you that just because you love and respect someone, doesn’t mean you always see eye to eye on things. 
Like my dad’s choice to fast for two days straight at the beginning of, or intermittently during a diet. 
This morning at 1:30 AM on what he reported to be hour 31 of such a stint, he was up in the kitchen, or living room and he got a really bad cramp in his leg. (Probably from sever dehydration.) He cried out loudly in pain, which alerted my mother. She ran out to the living room just in time to watch my dad passing out and landing FLAT on his face. 
His face.
Now, that is how it happened, BUT, this is actually where the story gets pretty good. 
So my mom is totally freaked out. Dad is down and bleeding, so she calls 911. He is getting up so she hangs up the phone. She says she didn’t even think that it rang, so she didn’t worry about it. 
They decide that they are need to go to the hospital and get Dad checked out. I mean, look at him, this is him almost a day after his fall, after getting stitched up, after some rest. I am remembering Mirah’s accident and all of the blood, and I can only imagine the carnage. Anyway, I digress. 
So as they are getting dressed there is a knock at the door, and it is the police. Turns out mom’s 911 call went through. It was an officer checking in on them. Mom was in her jeans and bra only, so she peak her head out the door and tried to explain what happened. 
The officer acknowledged that he understood, but then insisted to see Dad. Mom, a little perplexed agreed, called dad into the entryway. Dad was in a similar state of undress, but this did not seem to bother the officer who took dad into the other room to talk while mom got dressed. 
Dad described the conversation as an interrogation where the officer who basically thought that this was a case of domestic violence. He thought mom did it to dad! 🙂 I know that domestic violence is in no way funny, I just am imagining my 5’4 mom trying to take a swing at my 6’4 Dad.
The officer was so serious about it he insisted on following them to the hospital and making sure that they went in. They ran tests on Dad and fixed up his face. His nose is broken, but everything is still in place. According to Dad his “blood pressure and everything  is totally fine, everything is fine, I am fine don’t worry.”
I found out about it only after my best friend Krysta text me asking:
 “What happened to your dad, I just saw the picture your mom posted on Instagram.”
I freaked out, went onto Instagram, started weeping, and called my parents and got the details. I spent 10 minutes yelling at my dad to take care of himself. After the events of the past week, I just had to tell him first how much I love him. Second, that he had better start taking better care of himself because there are so many people who love him and need him so much and whose lives would be broken apart if he died. I cried, he listened and insisted he was fine, reminded me that he was “getting to be an old man now and that he would eventually die” then gave the phone to mom, who I then tried to lecture about making him take better care of himself. She told me I was preaching to the choir. I knew she was right. We laughed about her “near arrest” and I cried off and on about Dad.  
We hung up. I called Maryn, who told me she had just had a similar conversation with him. 
Dad, if you are reading this…TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. WE LOVE YOU!

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