Pi Day!!!

We are back again!

We had a little visitor…
Little just turned one Addison Walters!

Well, the table was set. 

The guests had arrived:
The whole Walter’s gang was there. Alicia and Adam too. 
Although not pictured until the very end, Maryn was there too. 
Dinner was ready:
Shepherds pie…YUM!

Addie wasn’t supper into it. Mirah however was SUPER into Addie.

Maryn’s plate. Mirah sat right by Maryn, at the table, like a big girl. She did ok. 
Karl was into it.
The Walters!
After dinner, we made our traditional Dia E Veres red and white bracelets and had pi. Tripple Berry and cherry. YUM!
Oh baby.

After dinner food coma.
Maryn peacing out. 

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