Rainbow Blanket

It has been a weird week. Weird, in a busy way. Krysta’s birthday, then managers meeting on Tuesday. Wednesday mutual. Thursday Nick’s Birthday and birthday party and we our new bike trailer and jogger arrived in the mail. Friday Krystin’s birthday and our Catching Fire movie night (Really just a little BBQ in which we at Peta Pocket Burgers, flame broiled and watched the movie). Saturday Karl’s YM activity out in Goshen and a failed attempt to see Mr. Peabody and Shermon. Sunday Time change. 
It has been back to back attacks of stuff going. Don’t get me wrong, this is the way I like it. Being at home with Mirah, and have unstructured time all of the time, is good and bad. Bad because if things are too slow with work I tend to get a case of the blues (to put it lightly). Good because there is time to work on projects that enrich the live of myself, my family, and my friends. 
I have been working on just such a project this week. Actually over the past couple of weeks. 
Mirah’s very own rainbow blanket. 
While Karl was out in Goshen I was able to put on most of the finished touches.
I say “most” because I have not bound it completely like I had originally planned (as you can see in the picture below). I am not sure if I want to though. I kind of like it the way it is. I did a line of Zig Zag stitches on the outside strips, and I MAY do on or to in the middle, but I really like the way it looks now, and I am hesitant to change it. We will see. I guess that is the beauty of making something your self, for your self… you can decide all of those things. 🙂
Mirah, THANKFULLY, loves it. It is comfy and soft, and really fun to snuggle in. 
Here is Mirah, on top of the box the Croozer came in, with her new blanket, cuddling with her beloved dolly Anna.
 Yes, that is Pipkin’s famous Balckberry jam from lunch on her face.

I am pretty proud of it. 
My sainted Grandma Denny made me and all of my cousins on that side just such a blanket. I actually still have and use mine. She made it big enough to be useful as we got older, and it is the perfect blanket for: 
One person to sleep under in the summer
Two people to sit under and hold hands with on the couch. 
Three people (Mom Dad and Mirah) to sit and read books at bedtime. 
Because we used it at night, Mirah started to want my old blanket for bed. But, you can imagine after nearly 30 years of wear, the old girl is not what she used to be. So, here we are. 
I used my blanket for a pattern and took my own artistic liberties here and there. 
Mission accomplished, on to my next project: T-shirt quilt.

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