Lazy Sunday, Petroglyphs and Stroganoff

Sunday, Fun day. We popped into Belle and Adam’s ward. Karl forgot his tie.

IMG_3917.JPG IMG_3920.JPG

It was work to try and get Lucas to show me his outfit.

IMG_3921.JPG IMG_3922.JPG
IMG_3923.JPG IMG_3924.JPG

Set him down, he zipped back up.


The gang.

IMG_3926.JPG IMG_3927.JPG

Lucas was happy to put stickers on his aunt and uncle.

IMG_3928.JPG IMG_3930.JPG

When we told Lucas that we were not going to Primary he was TICKED.


I was able to drag him back to the car. We headed back to the air bnb and passed Jessie’s house on our way back home.


After lunch we went to take a walk at Petroglyph National Monument’s Rinconada Canyon.


It was clod and windy as we set out on our walk. Lucas was happy to be outside and running.

IMG_3934.JPG IMG_3935.JPG
IMG_3936.JPG IMG_3937.JPG

The walk was sandy.



As we went onward, we started to see petroglyphs.

IMG_3939.JPG IMG_3940.JPG

Can you spot them?


We had to have periodic sand stops.

IMG_3942.JPG IMG_3943.JPG


IMG_3947.JPG IMG_3948.JPG
IMG_3949.JPG IMG_3950.JPG

Ruby loved to dig in the sand, and had a hard time staying on the path.

IMG_3944.JPG IMG_3945.JPG IMG_3946.JPG

And Lucas started to want to go home.

IMG_3951.JPG IMG_3952.JPG IMG_3953.JPG

I spy a petroglyph.

IMG_3954.JPG IMG_3956.JPG IMG_3955.JPG

And Lucas’s bum.


Oh there is one…KARL.

IMG_3958.JPG IMG_3960.JPG IMG_3961.JPG

Some more.

IMG_3962.JPG IMG_3963.JPG


IMG_3964.JPG IMG_3965.JPG IMG_3964-EFFECTS.jpg
IMG_3967.JPG IMG_3966.JPG




IMG_3969.JPG IMG_3970.JPG


IMG_3973.JPG IMG_3972.JPG
IMG_3974.JPG IMG_3975.JPG

Some other writtings are less ancient, and were made by Spanish (Basque) sheep herders.

IMG_3976.JPG IMG_3978.JPG


IMG_3984.JPG IMG_3980.JPG
IMG_3981.JPG IMG_3979.JPG
IMG_3982.JPG IMG_3983.JPG
IMG_3985.JPG IMG_3987.JPG
IMG_3986.JPG IMG_3988.JPG
IMG_3990.JPG IMG_3993.JPG


Karl pointed one out to me…KARL.

IMG_3991.JPG IMG_3992.JPG

As we started to head back tot he car, it started to rain, and the kids started to get GRUMPY.


So we started to sing camp songs as it rained.

IMG_3996.JPG IMG_3997.JPG



Once in the car, we did a driving tour of some of Belle’s mission areas.

IMG_4002.JPG IMG_4005.JPG

Then back at the air bnb we had dinner of Stroganoff. On Belle’s request.

IMG_4006.JPG IMG_4007.JPG
IMG_4008.JPG IMG_4009.JPG

We spent the evening playing Mario Kart, and Smash brothers.

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