Santa Fe #2: Georgia O’Keeffe & The Miracle Staircase

After lunch, we headed over to Old Town Santa Fe.

Our first stop, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.

IMG_3889.JPG IMG_3891.JPG IMG_3890.JPG



IMG_3885.JPG IMG_3886.JPG

We started in an area, to learn about Georgia herself, and her different periods.

IMG_3847.JPG IMG_3848.JPG IMG_3849.JPG

My favorite of her works are of course her flowers.

IMG_3846.JPG IMG_3850.JPG
IMG_3851.JPG IMG_3853.JPG
IMG_3854.JPG IMG_3855.JPG


IMG_3852.JPG IMG_3880.JPG

But did you know she had a New York skyline period?

IMG_3857.JPG IMG_3858.JPG IMG_3859.JPG

Then of course she spend summers at Ghost Ranch in Santa Fe, where you can see her work is SO New Mexico.

IMG_3860.JPG IMG_3861.JPG
IMG_3862.JPG IMG_3863.JPG

It was at about this point Karl had to take Lucas out where they found this amazing tree.

IMG_1131.JPG IMG_1135.JPG IMG_1132.JPG
IMG_1134.JPG IMG_1133.JPG IMG_1138.JPG

Back in the Museum again…

IMG_3864.JPG IMG_3866.JPG

Mirah as the art.



IMG_3868.JPG IMG_3869.JPG IMG_3870.JPG


Her rivers and landscapes of her later years.

IMG_3871.JPG IMG_3872.JPG
IMG_3873.JPG IMG_3874.JPG



IMG_3875.JPG IMG_3876.JPG


Then the photographs of her life were incredible.

IMG_3877.JPG IMG_3879.JPG




IMG_3887.JPG IMG_3888.JPG

The girt shop was incredible.

IMG_3881.JPG IMG_3883.JPG

Afterwards…we went out to the courtyard under this lovely tree. The kids were giving me flowers. So cutely.

IMG_3892.JPG IMG_3893.JPG

Then we went out to explore a bit more.

IMG_3895.JPG IMG_3896.JPG

Where we found ourselves checking out the Miracle Stairway.

IMG_3897.JPG IMG_3898.JPG IMG_3899.JPG


IMG_3901.JPG IMG_3902.JPG
IMG_3903.JPG IMG_3904.JPG


IMG_3906.JPG IMG_3907.JPG
IMG_3909.JPG IMG_3910.JPG

We did a bit of shopping.

IMG_3911.JPG IMG_3912.JPG

And stopped for a hot coco, before heading out of town.



Then back to Albuquerque for dinner. Not here.


We ate at this little place called Durans.

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