Albuquerque Day Two #1: Waffles, The Tram, The Temple, Bob’s Burgers

The morning of our second day in two dawned bright and sunny. Breakfast was at La Waffleria! A truly New Mexico themed place.

IMG_3152.JPG IMG_3153.JPG

A cute hipster place. Waffles of all sort.

IMG_3122.JPG IMG_3123.JPG

You order then you sit, so we lined up and tried to contain the uncontainable Lucas.

IMG_3124.JPG IMG_3125.JPG

After we ordered, we found that they had melted butter!!!



We sat out on the patio, and enjoyed the warm spring morning.



IMG_3127.JPG IMG_3128.JPG IMG_3129.JPG IMG_3130.JPG
IMG_3131.JPG IMG_3132.JPG IMG_3134.JPG IMG_3133.JPG

Soon enough my breakfast came. I ordered the chicken and waffles, with a bottled coke. I got the green chili chicken gravey on the side, so I could eat my waffles how I liked. The breading is of the blue corn variety. It was so perfectly crunchy and crispy, and the meat so wonderfully tender and juicy…I think it was the best fried chicken I ever had. The waffle was quiet good too.

IMG_3135.JPG IMG_3145.JPG

The kids got the kids meals. Eggs with bacon and a waffle with whipped cream and strawberries. They both finished every bite of their breakfasts.

IMG_3137.JPG IMG_3138.JPG
IMG_3139.JPG IMG_3140.JPG

Belle got the tres leches waffles with chocolate whipped creme.

IMG_3142.JPG IMG_3144.JPG

Adam the Huevos Rancheros waffle with fried eggs black beans and of course green chili. He got the green chiliĀ hollandaise on the side.

IMG_3148.JPG IMG_3151.JPG

Karl got a bacon waffle with chocolate whipped cream.

IMG_3149.JPG IMG_3150.JPG


Straight after breakfast we headed up to the Tram. We bought our tickets, and then spent a minute in the gift shop where were made some squished pennies, and got the kids eacha little “worry doll” that is a TINY little doll that you hold in your pocket or your palm to help you feel calm when you are worried.

IMG_3154.JPG IMG_3155.JPG
IMG_3156.JPG IMG_3157.JPG


We got in line, and Lucas showed off his shirt.


Then up to the mountain we went.



The tram was slow until it wasn’t, and high, which made the kids very nervous. Good thing they had their dolls.

IMG_3161.JPG IMG_3160.JPG
IMG_3163.JPG IMG_3162.JPG

The higher we got, the lower in the tram the kids wanted to sit.

IMG_3164.JPG IMG_3167.JPG
IMG_3168.JPG IMG_3170.JPG

It was so lovely up there!



IMG_3173.JPG IMG_3174.JPG


IMG_3178.JPG IMG_3180.JPG IMG_3181.JPG

The passing tram.

IMG_3182.JPG IMG_3182-EFFECTS.jpg

Up at the top of the mountain. There was still snow, and although it was cool up there, I wasn’t uncomfortable, despite the fact that I was wearing flip flops.

IMG_3183.JPG IMG_3184.JPG
IMG_3185.JPG IMG_3186.JPG

Oh my Lucas.


We walked around in the snow, which was fun and cute.

IMG_3188.JPG IMG_3188-EFFECTS.jpg
IMG_3189.JPG IMG_3190.JPG



But slippery and tricky.


And then there was a hill. I never fell, thanks to Adam.


Then to the edge to look over. Karl kept a tight hold on our little Lucas.


A lovely view.






One of the whole gang.

IMG_3192.JPG IMG_3193.JPG


IMG_3195.JPG IMG_3196.JPG

Mirah was very happy to get away from the edge.


The winds were picking up, and so it was looking like the tram would be shutting down soon.

IMG_3198.JPG IMG_3199.JPG

We walked back together.


We can’t get this kid to look at the camera.

IMG_3201.JPG IMG_3201-EFFECTS.jpg


IMG_3203.JPG IMG_1126.JPG

They love their aunt Belle.

IMG_1128.JPG IMG_1128-EFFECTS.jpg
IMG_1129.JPG IMG_1130.JPG

Back on the deck, my feet were getting cold.

IMG_3204.JPG IMG_3205.JPG

Waiting for the Tram to arrive…it was quite blustery.

IMG_3206.JPG IMG_3207.JPG

Karl was flying.


The ranger’s hut on the point of the mountain.



The kids were more used to the idea this time, and were right up on the glass this time.

IMG_3210.JPG IMG_3211.JPG IMG_3212.JPG

The trip back was great we were right at the front of the window this time.

IMG_3214.JPG IMG_3213.JPG


IMG_3216.JPG IMG_3217.JPG







IMG_3221.JPG IMG_3223.JPG


IMG_3225.JPG IMG_3227.JPG


IMG_3228.JPG IMG_3228-EFFECTS.jpg


IMG_3229.JPG IMG_3230.JPG

Back safely on the ground, we checked out the ski museum with some cool artifacts.

IMG_3231.JPG IMG_3232.JPG
IMG_3233.JPG IMG_3234.JPG

Like these old lift chairs.

IMG_3235.JPG IMG_3236.JPG
IMG_3237.JPG IMG_3238.JPG

There were tons of cool pictures of how people used to get around on the mountain.


More old lift carts, and even cool old skis.

IMG_3240.JPG IMG_3241.JPG
IMG_3242.JPG IMG_3243.JPG

While deciding on Lunch, the kids and Karl played around on the bear paw prints.

IMG_3245.JPG IMG_3246.JPG


IMG_3247.JPG IMG_3248.JPG IMG_3249.JPG


IMG_3252.JPG IMG_3253.JPG

Oh, and we got a full description of the Zia on the New Mexico Flag.

IMG_3254.JPG IMG_3255.JPG

On our way to lunch, we drove past the Temple.

IMG_3256.JPG IMG_3257.JPG IMG_3258.JPG

And we went to a local burger chain…Bob’s burgers.

IMG_3259.JPG IMG_3260.JPG
IMG_3261.JPG IMG_3262.JPG

This location was a little smaller and less grand than most of the others, but it was perfect of our needs.

IMG_3263.JPG IMG_3264.JPG
IMG_3265.JPG IMG_3266.JPG



IMG_3269.JPG IMG_3268.JPG

Here we got our first Frito pie, and everything came with Green Chili on it. These are Green Chili fries. I got the Ranchero Burger, which came with green chili. It was SO spicy. They even had a taco burger, which was a burger that came in a hard taco shell instead of a bun.


A very fun lunch.

IMG_3272.JPG IMG_3273.JPG IMG_3274.JPG


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