Family Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Thursday the 13th (Mama Hite’s Birthday) Karl declaired would be family Valentines day.
He arrived at home from work and handed me this:
In side was a Nick Offerman style card of love.
Heart, piece of nature, the inside says I love you.

There was also a little envelope labeled with a “1” which Karl directed me to open.

There was a clue indies.
“Roses are red, violets are blue, where Mirah goes poo, you’ll find your next clue.”

Found it!

Clue Two:
Excellent work so far, Go get the next clue, Leave my 11 buddies alone, thought.

Found it!

It was wet…I washed my hands.
“The next clue is almost hight than Mark will let you go”
A clue about the fact that our Boss Marc will not let me on the roof with out Karl with me.

The swamp cooler!

Under the Rav4

“You are on “fire” ask Mirah where you can fin the next one.”
This is a hint alluding the the fact that Mirah calls pacifiers, “fires.”

Under the basket we keep them in, in her room.

Other clues…in the scriptures:

In the glass fortune cookie Karl gave me when we were first married.

One in the ice tray. 

Then one in the ice bucket in front…

I found the new Mario 3D Wii U game…we don’t have a Wii U….

Oh wait, we do!

Mirah was super excited! She ran off with the game.
We had agreed that we would spend zero dollars on our gifts, so I was surprised. He apparently had use part of our tax refund that had been an amazon credit, so Karl says that he didn’t spend any money, only Amazon credits.

Our present to Karl:


Spent the night playing the WiiU together. 

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