Have you been to Scheels? 
If you haven’t you need to go. It is a great place to go and check out when you are trying to beat the cold. 
Also, my love Abe’s birthday is this coming Wednesday, and he was waiting for me right outside. 

We met up with Maryn there. There is an indoor ferris wheel. If you can get in when the line isn’t crazy long…it would probably be really fun. It is only $1 a ride.

There are also big fish tanks. Mirah was super excited.
Showing dad…
It is a store first and foremost.
We went to the kids section and Mirah found some sweet shades.
Over in the mens shoes, there was a track to try out…
Maryn just wanted to hold her.
Found this crazy fancy wagon, super heavy, and the handle is WAY too short, Mirah didn’t seem to mind. 
Then we found a little kids target range.
Cool guns, not at people Karl.
Another Lincoln!
Tons of stuffed animals.
 Speaking of….
Mirah didn’t love it.

They actually have these booths where you can use a sort of QR code to pose with animals. There is a fishing one. We did the Elk one.

We tried roasted sugared nuts, and home again for nap time.
Fun free thing to do on a chilly winter weekend. 

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