Maryn Arrived!!!!!

So, finally after months of promises….
Maryn finally moved to Utah!
To celebrate, we lit some sparlers. 
Ok, that was a second take. 
This is what really happen when she got here. 
We couldn’t get them started.
Hugs, and kisses and jumping up and down.
She came baring gifts!
When Mirah opened it she said, “Cute!”
Maryn got her a super cute outfit…

and Mirah couldn’t wait to see how they looked.  So she tried to get the pants on over her jeans. Maryn intervened. 

So cute!

A friendship, of course, made in heaven. 
Maryn and Mirah watching Youtube together. 
Maryn crying a little while watching, “When She Loved Me.”
Big step for Maryn. SO happy to finally have her close!

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