Ice Castles in the Snow

For Christmas this year, the always kind and generous Rachel and Jonathan Reddoch gave us a Groupon to the Ice Castles in Midway. 

We are OBSESSED with the movie frozen these days. We actually went and saw it again last weekend. Mirah and I watch “Let It Go” on Youtube at least once a day. We usually listen to the movie soundtrack while we eat breakfast. 

So when we saw these lovely ladies, Ana and Elsa, we were so excited. Mirah is looking annoyed, because we were making her look at her dad instead of them.
Who is that I see???
Olaf! And I think he likes warm hugs!
Unfortunately the ice block she was sitting on was not very warm.
Other Ice things. (The piano was just covered in ice.)
But really, the place was beautiful.
We were still having a blast!
Things are a little different than they were the last time we came. The crowds of course, but they have made some adjustments to the ground. It is chopped up and full of sand I think. kind of hard to get traction, but also no need for ski poles.

On to our first adventure!

Ice Maze. 

There was a slide, that you have to climb up a small tube of ice, then you slide down a tube of ice. This guy was looking down, like a life guard. I was not looking forward to dying in there. So we passed.
Still, look at this place!

It was cold, BTW. The snow was crazy in the canyon on our way out. 
But that snow made it so beautiful for the drive home. 
Deer Creek Reservoir, frozen, and covered in snow.
Lots of people our ice fishing. 

The roads were clear, until we got to the canyon.
Still lovely.

Bridal Veil Falls.

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