Fiber Art Family Outing

So in an effort to get out more this winter, I have been scouring community webpages for things we can go and do together as a family. I found an event called a Senior Citizen Fiber Art Show. It sounded awesome and it was free so, nothing was stopping us. We invited the Whitmores with us too because if there is anyone who I know that would love fiber art and old people it is Krysta. 
It turned out that is was the opening night. So there was actually a pretty big crowd and food being served. Skinless bread-less chicken bites.  They even had these crazy hot chocolates shots with candy bars in them…I did not have one. 
 As we walked into the exhibit we were met with a beautiful wall of tie died color.
 Then I realized they looked like Montanans. 
There was much more to be seen, but we stopped and took a picture. 
There was an area with explanations of materials used and methods as well. There was even en explanation of how to do decorate snow.
Some of our favorite displays of the evening. 

 Fabric trading cards.

Krysta explaining to Karen about the technique used here. 
 Mirah and Karl being silly. 
 We moved over to the perminatnt installations and enjoyed some of the works there. 
 Mirah was confused by these guys.

 Lady was getting sleepy…
 But happy to be out with Dad.
We stopped at Jason’s Deli for dinner and had a really great time together there.
Home again at last for sleep, and mom and dad time at home. 
Great event, if you have a chance, check it out!

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