Waffle Party!

Happy 3rd Birthday Asher and Judah!
A good face from each one, but never in one picture…
 Mirah saw them looking so cute, and taking pictures and wanted in. 
 She didn’t get that it was over…
 Then the boys then wanted to show me their names. 
 Then the balloons came out and the kids were all in heaven.

 Brunch was served and we were called together to bless the food. 
I was sooo proud to see that Mirah got ready and waited patiently for the prayer to start.
She is so amazing.  
 She and Asher sat and shared a waffle.
 Then had one of her own.
 After waffles we sat around and chatted. 
The house was full of people and the time came for the cake.
This is the cake:
 Betsy made it all herself.
She said it wasn’t so bad. It only took an hour to put all of the candy on.
 The artist!
 With one cake and two birthday boys we took turns singing and blowing out the candles.

 The gang looking on:
 Cake and Candy…

 Poor Mirah. It was nap time, she was totally sugared out, and it was time to go.
Zombie sugar fiend. 

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