Mirah Update

I was cleaning out Mirah’s back pack today, and it was just a JOY. I love her writing.



Another picture of Lady Bug girl from Miraculous.


And this book she wrote at school all about house much she loves “since” or science.

I will transcribe what she meant:

Page ONE:

The Science Book

Page Two:

The Science Book

This book is about science. I love science. I wrote this book because I love science.

Page Three:

Science is an important part of our world. Science is around us. The world is a part of science. I like art. My name is Mirah. Space has science. I like to read. Science tells you all about science.

Page Four:

If you are wondering why this book does not tell you a lot a lot science. But it does tell you a lot of places science is found.


IMG_5274.JPG IMG_5275.JPG
IMG_5276.JPG IMG_5277.JPG

Oh how I love this lovely smart little girl.

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