Pinewood Derby-Last Chance

I was always jealous that my brothers got to participate in the Pinewood Derby growing up. My dad made the coolest cars with them.

Well, when I found out that the Cub Scouts AND the activity day girls were doing one last Pinewood Derby before the church parts ways with the Boy Scouts of America, I was stoked. And even though NEITHER of my children are old enough to participate, I was making them cars.

Karl was already making cars for all of the other kids, AT OUR HOUSE, so what was two more cars? I went to the Boy Scout offices, and got us sets. We went out on the back porch to start working on them before the other kids arrived. Once they did we went inside. Mirah wanted a unicorn. Lucas wanted the Gup B.


Once the last kid left, Karl finished carving Mirah’s unicorn.

IMG_5287.JPG IMG_5288.JPG

When it started to rain, we moved the stuff into the garage. And he carved Luke’s Gup B from Octonauts.

IMG_5291.JPG IMG_5290.JPG IMG_5293.JPG

The next day I worked on the decor. I spray painted both of them.

IMG_5296.JPG IMG_5297.JPG

Karl carved the fins, and glued them on the shark. I drew of the tiger lines, and painted the Octonauts Logo.

IMG_5295.JPG IMG_5298.JPG

Mirah thinking about the wheels.


Karl carved her unicorn horn, and I put hot glue in a spiralĀ  around it. Then painted it yellow, with a gold paint accent. Under Mirah’s supervision, I painted the main pink, with blue stripes. And added the red and gold flowers.

IMG_5300.JPG IMG_5301.JPG
IMG_5302.JPG IMG_5303.JPG

When Karl got home from work, he put on the wheels.

IMG_5308.JPG IMG_5310.JPG



IMG_5305.JPG IMG_5306.JPG

So happy with how they turned out. They kids are too.

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