Playtime, Keeping Warm

The weather is cold, the air quality is not great, so this it is officially inside time at the Hite house.
Luckily, Christmas time has provided hours upon hours of distractions and things to occupy a couple of ladies trying to stay cozy and warm. 
Mirah is in love with her new dolly. Her name is what it should be, Ana.
 She likes to feed her and give her kisses, and to have me give her hugs and kisses. 
She loves to push her around in her shopping cart. 
 Yes, she loves her shopping cart. Mirah loves to fill it with her toys, and push it around. She squeals and laughs and hides from me. 
 She is also loving to learn the letters these days. We sit and work on letter names and sounds every day. The routine is that she will move both of the chairs from her table in front of the fridge, name a parent, “Daddy, ABC’s.” in this instance. This is her way of asking to spell, and play with the letters. The cool thing is that she invites us to do it every day. She initiates it. We of course LOVE to do it.
 Even though we are riding less these days , we still put on our helmets a lot. She is really great about getting them out, handing the right helmet to the right person, then practicing clipping the clips. 
 She is figuring out the child safety locks on the drawers. Some are not fit quite as tightly as others. She knows it just takes a couple extra tugs to get the drawer with the measuring cups and wooden spoons open. She is in this phase where she loves to line things up. Like here. 
The green in one of the cups is broccoli. Her new favorite veggie. 
I have to say, we have a good time. Things are slower and simpler for me these days. I sometimes think of my life a couple of years ago. I am just so grateful for Mirah. This is what I dreamed of. Sure, there are poopie diapers, and runny noses. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about those things. I guess for right now, where I only have one little lady, it is not such a big deal. If there were one, two, or even five more noses (like my mom) it could probably get a little more annoying. 
Right now it is a lot of fun. I sure love Mirah.

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