New Years 2014

No pictures. So if you have any…let me know.
We spent the day with Karl’s sister Malia. Nick, Betsy, Maila, Karl, Mirah and I went to Dave and Cranky’s for lunch. FYI, no high chairs, so that will put a damper on your meal. When Betsy and Nick went home, Malia Karl and I went back to our place for Lady’s nap. We played games and bought stuff for the party. 
The party was…
Slab Pizza
Playing games.
Chocolate Dipped Fruit
Watching the ball drop at Midnight
Drinking too much Martinelli’s, or Party Juice.
When we got home, we were up all night comforting a sick baby. 
The next morning, none of the Orem Hites were up until 9 am. 
We spent the day writing our family goals, playing video games, and being sick.
Oh, we started a new tradition, Buying BBQ by the pound at Dickies, low carb and delicious!

Happy new year. Here’s to another good one.

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