Weekend With Two Sets of Twins

It was a whirl wind of a weekend. We had lot of stuff going on. Mirah’s recital, the Bright Ideas camp for Mirah. Ukulele lessons. Not to mention that it was our ward’s annual clean up. We went first thing to the ward clean up breakfast.

IMG_20190427_081603.jpg IMG_20190427_081613.jpg

I took Mirah to her camp. When I got home, Karl headed out to help our neighbors with projects. I stayed with Lucas, because it was about then that the four Reddoch children arrived. We love those wonderful kiddos so much. We played for a while. When it was time we went, picked up Mirah from camp, and thenĀ  went to lunch at chicken stars.

Back at the house it was a day of silliness and laugher and play. The kids set up an Easter Egg hunt for me and Karl. Karl won…maybe. But Asher decided he cheated, so he actually lost, and I won.

IMG_5406.JPG IMG_5408.JPG

We “hung” out on the hamocks, and the kids played in the sun.


The little kids decided that it was time to dog pile on Karl.

IMG_5410.JPG IMG_5412.JPG
IMG_5411.JPG IMG_5413.JPG
IMG_5414.JPG IMG_5415.JPG
IMG_5416.JPG IMG_5417.JPG
IMG_5418.JPG IMG_5420.JPG
IMG_5419.JPG IMG_20190428_090822-ANIMATION.gif

The girls were playing a “going to jail” game with Karl, and thus began the “roof jail” game.

IMG_5423.JPG IMG_5424.JPG IMG_5425.JPG
IMG_5426.JPG IMG_5427.JPG IMG_5428.JPG

At the end of the day we headed over to park and the kids flew the quad copter with Karl.

IMG_5429.JPG IMG_5430.JPG
IMG_5431.JPG IMG_5432.JPG

It was a pretty great day.

Karl and I had plans to go out that night. We saw the new Infinity Wars- End Game.

The next morning we went to church, and soon after the little kids were all over again. We played video games, and made a total mess of the house.

While the kids were with us, Betsy and Malia pack up the house. They move next weekend.

At dinner time, they came, and we had Asian pork rice bowls. We spent the evening chatting while the kids played.


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