Mirah’s Piano Recital

After months and months of practicing, and fighting, and crying about practicing, the day had finally come for Mirah’s spring piano recital.


After her Christmas Recital, we thought it might be more enjoyable for everyone if we got a babysitter for Lucas, and just the three of us went together.

IMG_5316.JPG IMG_5317.JPG

The recital was at the BYU conference center where Miss Korin’s dad is an employee. We arrived a few minutes early, dress and beautiful.


It took me fully an HOUR to curl all of that hair.

IMG_5319.JPG IMG_5320.JPG IMG_5321.JPG

There were LOVELY tulips right outside the room the recital would happen in. So we jumped out and took some quick pictures since Mirah was all dressed and beautiful.

IMG_5323.JPG IMG_5322.JPG
IMG_5325.JPG IMG_5327.JPG



IMG_5329.JPG IMG_5328.JPG
IMG_20190426_182522.jpg IMG_20190426_182525.jpg
IMG_20190426_182529.jpg IMG_20190426_182533.jpg
IMG_20190426_182536.jpg IMG_20190426_182541.jpg

Me and my lovely lady.

IMG_5332.JPG IMG_5336.JPG IMG_5335.JPG

The Program.


IMG_5338.JPG IMG_5339.JPG

Korin welcomed the group, and reminded us that unless we told her otherwise, no lessons until the fall.

IMG_5342.JPG IMG_5341.JPG

The music began, and Mirah was really trying to stay quiet and pay attention. I think she was just a ball of nerves.

IMG_5343.JPG IMG_5344.JPG IMG_5345.JPG

A cute ball of nerves.



After two other people, it was Mirah’s turn. She introduced her pieces.


She just looks so little still.

IMG_5347.JPG IMG_5348.JPG IMG_5349.JPG
IMG_5350.JPG IMG_5351.JPG IMG_5352.JPG

Live and in action.

So So so many kids that we love also played that night. Like Lucas Powell.

IMG_5353.JPG IMG_5354.JPG IMG_5355.JPG

My dear friend, Primary President, and Korin’s mama, Kristin Beckstead.

IMG_5356.JPG IMG_5358.JPG IMG_5359.JPG

Our neighbor, Christian Pruge.


Mirah’s primary classmate, Ty. His mom Alicia and his little brother Kipton.

IMG_5362.JPG IMG_5364.JPG
IMG_5365.JPG IMG_5366.JPG

My friend and PTA president’s son Ammon played a duet with our neighbor Jared. Then Jared played Take On Me.

IMG_5367.JPG IMG_5385.JPG


Owen Stalvey, another one of Mirah’s primary classmates on the left. Sam Beckstead, Korin’s little brother to the right. They both did awesome.

IMG_5387.JPG IMG_5388.JPG

Owen’s big sister Mallory.

IMG_5389.JPG IMG_5391.JPG

Korin herself even played a song.


All the students joined in for a picture at the end. What a bunch of cuties.

IMG_20190426_192500.jpg IMG_5394.JPG
IMG_5395.JPG IMG_5396.JPG

It’s been a long year, and Mirah has come SUCH a long way. I am so so proud of her hard work and perseverance.

Mirah and her teacher.

IMG_5398.JPG IMG_5397.JPG

After the recital, we went to dinner, just the three of us. Mirah chose, what else, Pho.

IMG_5399.JPG IMG_5400.JPG


IMG_5402.JPG IMG_5403.JPG
IMG_5404.JPG IMG_5405.JPG

Even when she is silly, she is lovely. So proud of my funny, smart, beautiful, good girl today.

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