Christmas Eve Party

Party time!!!
Isn’t this amazing?
It’s a shirt. That Brandon wore to our Christmas party.’
 But he wasn’t the only one who wore something a little crazy outfit.
Brandon and Leah, getting into the mood.
We headed over to the Sumatea’s house. Karl was so sad to miss out on his family’s big sandwich tradition for the first time in his life. So I secretly got all the stuff for his perfect sandwich, made up an excuse to be late to the party, and brought it to him at our party.
I think that he liked it.
The gang!

After a little while, we sat down for dinner. And although Karl had a huge sandwich, he was still ready to eat some traditional Pipkin Christmas fare.

My beautiful mother.

Oh yeah, Leah had amazing shoulder pads.

Mirah was ready to play…and spent the rest of the night spinning.

We wanted to take a family picture…but Mirah wanted to SPIN!

I mean I look at how she made Branny fly!
Too many candies and cookies, and M&M’s

After dinner we had some friends come over…I mean my Pipkin Cousins. 

Don’t worry, Harrison was being bribed to play with her. And those marks on her face…not blood, Maryn’s lip stick.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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