The Family is Back Together Again

So, bright and early on Monday morning, a couple of days before Christmas, we packed Mirah up and all of our presents and drove to California. I had been anxious about the trip for the past little while, since it would be such a long time for Mirah to be in the car. She has always traveled really well, so didn’t really have much reason to worry. She was a ROCK STAR.

We got into town and had were welcomed warmly by our family and Brandon and Leah. We spent the evening together. My poor Aunt Kathy was in the hospital. The whole gang went over to see her. Maryn heard about it and decided to come down a day early. We all just hung out together that first night. It was really fun to be together.

Early the next morning:
This is exactly how I felt!
Mirah was a little perplexed, why were mom and dad SO excited?
Da da da daaaaa (Imagine Zelda noise)
Avocado Cheese fries:
Carne Asada tacos.
Mirah was again perplexed…these french fries are angels.
Back at mom and dad’s place, Grandpa was busy trying to find Mirah a snack.
They found it.
Mirah found my dad’s collection of M&M dispensers. 
Three M&M’s later.
Mirah and Maryn, having another lunch date.
Cam and Kelley arrived. 
More hanging out.
Oh yeah, and then there was SLOAN.

I mean look at that FACE!!!
He is of course loved most of all by his mama.
Why did sloan get so happy?
The final Pipkin had arrived.
We were all excited too!
Some of us more than others.

A part of coming home is dad constantly trying to get us to take all of our stuff out of his house.
This is one of the great treasures uncover:

Ahhh, together at last.

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