Mystic Hot Springs

A shrot drive from our Air B&B in Richfield, was the tiny community of Monroe, and up on a hillside to the south east of that town, was the tiny hippy commune resort of Mystic Hot Springs:


The place was a little worse for wear. It had been around since the 50’s. In the early 70’s, the current owner accidentally found it while he was lost after a Grateful Dead concert. I can’t make this stuff up!

Zac had found this place last year, in the dead of winter.  He lead the way …


We entered into a dark room that smelled of incense and sage, and other things. We paid a kind women who oriented us to the facilities and grounds with this lovely map:


The kids were ALL ready to go!


IMG_5941.JPG IMG_5942.JPG
IMG_5943.JPG IMG_5944.JPG

No shoes allowed in the office.

IMG_5940.JPG IMG_5938.JPG

And back out in front of the now empty pool.

IMG_5946.JPG IMG_5947.JPG
IMG_5949.JPG IMG_5950.JPG


Zac waiting for us dilly dallying.

IMG_5951.JPG IMG_5952.JPG

Up to the pools!

IMG_5953.JPG IMG_5954.JPG

The kids just couldn’t wait another moment.

IMG_5956.JPG IMG_5957.JPG IMG_5958.JPG

Jumping right in!

IMG_5959.JPG IMG_5960.JPG
IMG_5961.JPG IMG_5963.JPG
IMG_5964.JPG IMG_5965.JPG
IMG_5967.JPG IMG_5968.JPG
IMG_5969.JPG IMG_5970.JPG
IMG_5971.JPG IMG_5972.JPG
IMG_5973.JPG IMG_5974.JPG

Krysta and I snuck up to the individual pools.  The owner had JUST emptied them, so they were not refilled yet.

IMG_5978.JPG IMG_5984.JPG
IMG_5980.JPG IMG_5982.JPG


IMG_5987.JPG IMG_5990.JPG IMG_5993.JPG


IMG_5994.JPG IMG_5995.JPG
IMG_5996.JPG IMG_5997.JPG

It was really fun to see how the whole operation worked.

IMG_5998.JPG IMG_5999.JPG IMG_6001.JPG
IMG_6002.JPG IMG_6005.JPG IMG_6004.JPG
IMG_6006.JPG IMG_6003.JPG IMG_6007.JPG


IMG_6008.JPG IMG_6009.JPG

Back in the pools, the kids were getting water and a reapplication of sun screen.

IMG_6010.JPG IMG_6011.JPG IMG_6012.JPG

Karl and I snuck up…

IMG_6013.JPG IMG_6016.JPG IMG_6018.JPG

While here again, we called up everyone else.

The kids were so funny, and we were excited to give them a try.

IMG_6020.JPG IMG_6021.JPG
IMG_6022.JPG IMG_6025.JPG
IMG_6026.JPG IMG_6027.JPG


IMG_6028.JPG IMG_6029.JPG IMG_6030.JPG

The Pipkin Hites!

IMG_6031.JPG IMG_6032.JPG
IMG_6033.JPG IMG_6040.JPG
IMG_6035.JPG IMG_6037.JPG
IMG_6038.JPG IMG_6039.JPG


The Whitmores.

IMG_6042.JPG IMG_6043.JPG
IMG_6044.JPG IMG_6045.JPG
IMG_6046.JPG IMG_6047.JPG
IMG_6048.JPG IMG_6049.JPG
IMG_6050.JPG IMG_6051.JPG



The kids!

IMG_6052.JPG IMG_6053.JPG IMG_6060.JPG
IMG_6054.JPG IMG_6055.JPG IMG_6056.JPG
IMG_6057.JPG IMG_6058.JPG IMG_6059.JPG

The tubs were finally full!!

IMG_6063.JPG IMG_6062.JPG
IMG_6064.JPG IMG_6065.JPG
IMG_6066.JPG IMG_6067.JPG

We did some hiking around.

IMG_6068.JPG IMG_6069.JPG

Always worried one of them will trip!

IMG_6071.JPG IMG_6072.JPG
IMG_6073.JPG IMG_6074.JPG
IMG_6075.JPG IMG_6076.JPG
IMG_6077.JPG IMG_6078.JPG


And DESPITE the 70 SPF sunscreen, I could feel myself getting cooked.



We checked out the buses. They went from crazy to amazing.


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