Saturday Morning, Krysta and the kids

Saturday morning dawned bright and a little late. Krysta couldn’t sleep, so she was up bright and early. She went to the store, got bagels fro breakfast, stuff to make breakfast for mother’s day, this was still 6:30 am. When she got home around 7:00 our kids were up. So she cutely played with all of them. They took the helicopter shooters out from and they all had a ball.

IMG_5897.JPG IMG_5898.JPG
IMG_5899.JPG IMG_5900.JPG

When I woke up, and I found them all in their jammys on the road.


Oh yeah, this reminds me, I forgot to pack Mirah PJ’s.

Breakfast time…

IMG_5919.JPG IMG_5903.JPG
IMG_5917.JPG IMG_5906.JPG

I love this baby boy. Almost as much as he loves Krysta.

IMG_5908.JPG IMG_5912.JPG
IMG_5910.JPG IMG_5913.JPG

We were getting ready to go to the Mystic hot springs. The girls got their suits on, and my lovely Krysta did Mirah’s hair. Then these girls cutely put Lilacs in each other’s hair.

IMG_5923.JPG IMG_5924.JPG
IMG_5925.JPG IMG_5927.JPG

Ready to go…

IMG_5929.JPG IMG_5930.JPG


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