Mirah-Art and End of the Year Report

Oh google, why do you do it to me?IMG_20121218_134853-COLLAGE.jpg

So, Mirah is very smart. But we knew that. Here she is, her end of the the year Dibels.

IMG_6905.JPG IMG_6906.JPG

Mirah is artistic. Since her birthday, when she was gifted and excellent water color set, she has been painting happily every day.

IMG_6752.JPG IMG_6753.JPG

Some of my favorites of her recent creations:

IMG_6900.JPG IMG_6902.JPG
IMG_6901.JPG IMG_6899.JPG







Mirah is loving and kind.

You can see that, by this art she made for me and Karl with her brother. She just made it. Also, her mother’s day gift again, because, I just love it.

IMG_6908.JPG IMG_6909.JPG
IMG_6903.JPG IMG_6904.JPG

Mirah is curious and loves to explore. She keeps making maps that she and her brother have to follow.


Is Mirah perfect? No. But she is just lovely and I love her so much.

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