Cascade End of the Year Dance Festival

Cascade’s annual dance festival was here! And even though it was was a rainy day, we were ready!  Karl, Lucas, and I walked over to the school. No rain yet.

IMG_6855.JPG IMG_6856.JPG

We arrived in time for things to get going.



The Program was short and simple, NO awards this year. 🙂

IMG_6860.JPG IMG_6859.JPG




The kindergarten children came out and did a song that Lucas had performed in his end of the year program: Baby Shark!


IMG_6862.JPG IMG_6863.JPG


Meanwhile the first great lined up.

IMG_6865.JPG IMG_6866.JPG


Someone in the other class had brught blue and purple candy, all the kids had discolored mouths.

IMG_6867.JPG IMG_6868.JPG

Out they went.

IMG_6870.JPG IMG_6871.JPG

Oh my goodness I love this picture so much!



Two differnet views of the same dance. The one closer was taken by my friend Rebekah.

This one was taken by me:

The kids running in.

IMG_6874.JPG IMG_6875.JPG
IMG_6876.JPG IMG_6877.JPG
IMG_6878.JPG IMG_6879.JPG

Oh the end of the school year, why do we even go?



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