Getting Ready for Birthday

On Monday, the unicorn invites went out.  Sixteen girls, boys, friends, neighbors and cousins were invited. We just couldn’t pare down any more.



On Thursday we made all of the #7 cookies.

I used the cookie cutters I inherited from Grandma Denny, and the recipe that Krysta gave me.

IMG_6303.JPG IMG_6304.JPG

Everything on Thursday took longer than I meant it to so Karl was actually home by the time we were baking.


Oops. Karl must have been saying something annoying.


I love the way these numbers look lined up on a tray.



We all had tummies full of cookie dough by the end.

IMG_6307.JPG IMG_6308.JPG

In the end, I made a double batch, giving us something like 50 cookies, only 30 of those survived, 7 is a very delicate number.


After kids were in bed, Karl was able to make the dough for the pizzas. It had to rise and  a few times, and he ended up leaving in in the fridge for a cold proof.

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