Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s day dawed bright and early. With my family standing over me with breakfast, flowers and present.

IMG_6164.JPG IMG_6165.JPG

The plate was a flimsy paper one, so I followed the group out to the kitchen to eat. My sweet Karl got me flowers, and made this lovely breakfast.


My sweet Mirah made this for me in school. They are learning about similies. So…

IMG_6903.JPG IMG_6904.JPG

Lucas’s gift, also made at school:

IMG_6175.JPG IMG_6176.JPG


Even sweet Karen had a little something for me! She found these flowers on a walk in her neighborhood.


Mirah also gave me these, keepsakes from our weekend. A cup from lunch, the wristband from the hot springs, a flower from the bush outside, Rocks from the driveway…(Yeah this didn’t make it home.)

IMG_6180.JPG IMG_6181.JPG


IMG_6172.JPG IMG_6179.JPG


Krysta got pressed flowers from Karen, and a DVD box set of Anne of Green Gables from Zac.


Mirah and Lucas and Karen, out with the “pewers” again.

IMG_6182.JPG IMG_6183.JPG IMG_6184.JPG


Karl, getting Lucas ready for the day.

IMG_6186.JPG IMG_6188.JPG

It took about an hour to get the kids dress, house ready to check out, the car packed and ready to go.

We were off to Fish Lake!

Here are the kids, making a pit stop.

IMG_20190512_101147.jpg IMG_20190512_101149.jpg


We got to the Marina, and the Whitmore’s were stopped taking a picture of their feet, and Lucas wanted in, then Karl got in too.



There was still ice on the lake. Seems like the season hadn’t really started yet.



We had thought of maybe fishing…but it turned out that it was a day for skipping rocks.

IMG_6192.JPG IMG_6193.JPG


Karl did some impressive skips, and Karen asked for some tips.


Lucas was just going for it.

IMG_6195.JPG IMG_6196.JPG IMG_6197.JPG




Mirah found a tiny pink rock that looked like a heart…and gave it to me-for Mother’s Day.


“Too Sunny!”



Karen was having so much success, Mirah wanted to try and learn too.

IMG_6201.JPG IMG_6202.JPG

Then Lucas.

IMG_6203.JPG IMG_6204.JPG IMG_6205.JPG

He wasn’t really getting it.

IMG_6212.JPG IMG_6213.JPG

Trying a big rock.

IMG_6207.JPG IMG_6208.JPG

Whitmore Family Photo!!

IMG_6209.JPG IMG_6210.JPG

Then Zac decided to do this:

IMG_6214.JPG IMG_6215.JPG
IMG_6216.JPG IMG_6217.JPG



Pipkin Hite family photo!

IMG_6219.JPG IMG_6221.JPG
IMG_6222.JPG IMG_6223.JPG
IMG_6228.JPG IMG_6225.JPG
IMG_6225.JPG IMG_6226.JPG

Oh Lucas.


Stopped in for some lunch before we headed hom.




The kids and Karl sat together.

IMG_6232.JPG IMG_6231.JPG

I got to sit with this beauty.


My meal.

IMG_6235.JPG IMG_6236.JPG IMG_6237.JPG



IMG_6238.JPG IMG_6240.JPG
IMG_6242.JPG IMG_6243.JPG


IMG_6245.JPG IMG_6244-EFFECTS.jpg

We said goodbye to the Whitmores and then drove the 3 hours home.

When we got home, we all crashed:


Sigh, this perfect pair.

Happy Mothers Day

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