Mirah’s Ukulele Recital (First One!!)

Saturday was Mirah’s first Ukulele recital. She had been practicing since Christmas. And I was really impressed with how well she did.

IMG_6765.JPG IMG_6766.JPG

This is the group she plays with:

Kawika, Aaron, and Mirah.

IMG_6768.JPG IMG_6769.JPG


IMG_6758.JPG IMG_6759.JPG




IMG_6761.JPG IMG_6762.JPG IMG_6763.JPG

The older kids were so cute, including Sam Beckstead.



IMG_6764.JPG IMG_6770.JPG

Taking a bow!

IMG_6771.JPG IMG_6772.JPG

Mirah with her teacher Nalani.

IMG_6775.JPG IMG_6774.JPG


Very proud of this lovely lady.



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