Luke’s End of the Year Preschool Program

Luke’s end of the year program, “The Cat in The Hat Comes to Class” was this week.

We had instructions to dress our kids like “Whos”

As per usual, we were running late. So this little who had a Sausage McMuffin for breakfast.

IMG_6787.JPG IMG_6788.JPG
IMG_6789.JPG IMG_6790.JPG

Going in.


The program:



Lucas was the first excited kid on stage.

IMG_6793.JPG IMG_6794.JPG


The into:

On my goodness what a cutie!

IMG_6796.JPG IMG_6797.JPG

Here is your warning, Luke’s class has some screamers.

“Clean Up”:

IMG_6798.JPG IMG_6799.JPG

“Follow my directions”:

“Share Share Share”:


IMG_6803.JPG IMG_6805.JPG IMG_6804.JPG


“The Alphabet”

This is the kids singing the sounds of the letters, it is very hard to understand the kids.

I moved to get a better view of Lucas.

“Days of the Week & Months of the Year”:

Lucas was getting mad at the end, he wanted me to go back to my seat, ARGH. So I did.

“Count by 10’s”:


“Cat in the Hat Dance”:

I couldn’t get a good shot of him, so I gave up.

“For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”:

Hugs for the cat!

IMG_6812.JPG IMG_6813.JPG

Then Lucas’s favorte thing, Baby Shark.


IMG_6814.JPG IMG_6815.JPG
IMG_6816.JPG IMG_6817.JPG
IMG_6818.JPG IMG_6819.JPG


I think that he had a good time.

IMG_6822.JPG IMG_6823.JPG


The teachers. Ms. Jillane, Miss Kennedy, Ms. Carlene, and Ms. Maranika.

IMG_6825.JPG IMG_6827.JPG
IMG_6826.JPG IMG_6828.JPG


My cool dude in his new shades, and gifts from his teachers.

IMG_6830.JPG IMG_6831.JPG

I love this kid so freaking much.

IMG_6832.JPG IMG_6833.JPG IMG_6834.JPG IMG_6835.JPG

One year of preschool down, one year to go!

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