Meeting Santa Again…

Kicking off the Christmas Season!
We took Mirah to meet Santa.
 Here we are waiting our turn. She wouldn’t take her eyes off of him. 

 Santa Suggested that we sit down for a second while he warmed himself by the fire. 
 Then he gave us this little beauty. 

 The lights were as lovely as ever. The weather was pretty warm tonight too, in the 50’s.

 We for a treat at Ike’s
 Mirah was entranced by the indoor surfing.
 Outside again, we waited by the fire to get on the carriage ride.

 Mirah wanted to snuggle, I think she was getting sleepy.

 Still, she loved the lights.
 We were off at last!
 A quick ride around the parking lot, and a close up with the horses. 

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